Wow! Twitter United In Force!


Social media has its good side and its bad side. It is hard enough trying to navigate any platform without hurting someone feelings, but when you go out of your way to hurt peoples feelings, then you deserve to be questioned.

It was around midnight last night UK time when a tweet popped up from a ‘Quincy’ aka @Savagescorpio19. The tweet well it was not in good humour and as people of colour look to unite about issues having this kind of divide being created is not a good look.

The Indian family who were mocked just seem to be having a pleasant day and enjoying a walk in the son. The father of the children even goes to wave at the person making the video! Only to be mocked!

Punjabi singer Bikram Singer was one of many who aired his views:

The video went viral with over 140k views and thankfully the response was united in condemnation! Minority against Minority is not a good look!


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