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Geeta Zaildar loves a duet and we love him on duet. Wrong Decision is the latest Punjabi song from Geeta Zaildar and Gurlej Akhtar on T-Series Apna Punjab. The song has music by Beat Minister and the lyrics are by Geeta Zaildar himself.

Firstly, when we see that a song now features music by Beat Minister we do get a little excited. In 2019 the Beat Ministers production on Satinder Sartaaj’s songs took him to another level. He showed a skill set that we were unsure he had. Wrong Decision is not on those levels sadly. But, it does a job. A good instrumental which allows the singer’s space just lacks that magic of previous work he has done.

Vocally, Geeta delivers in his own unique style. His back and forth with Gurlej Akhtar does add a bit of humour. Gurlej Akhtar and Geeta do work together well, they do not hog the song and the platform always sees them shine without hogging the track. This particular song just lacks that magic for us.

The duet is a good fun number, it just missing that spark of other duets these two have done together. How long will it stay in memory? Well, that is for you to decide.

In the meantime check out Wrong Decision Geeta Zaildar and Gurlej Akhtar here:

Song: Wrong Decision Singer: Geeta Zaildar, Gurlej Akhtar Music: Beat Minister Lyrics: Geeta Zaildar, Gurlej Akhtar Music Label: T-Series Online Review: Daily Entertainment Xpress (DEX)

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