Xclusive: Indian Style Goes International! XD Pro Music Tell Us All


The album “Indian Style” by Deep Dolla$ and XD Pro music, really did shake up the desi hip hop game, but, it was not just the desi hip hop game who sat up and took notice, India did to! So much so that Indian streaming giants Saavn wanted it on their platform to share with a whole new audience. The re-release via Saavn is out on June 13th!

As a result of XD Pro’s non stop hustle behind the scenes in getting their music played, the album grew and grew and the network they had built up expanded from hardcore fans to a huge music audience, as they say  “You only get out what you put in” on hearing about the big news from Saavn, we decided to hook up with the guys from XD and get some more information on the release.

How did you first hear about Saavn interest

XD: We have been working with Saavn for over a year and have recently dropped a single with Saavn’s AO (Artist Original) team titled Crown & Coke featuring Tej Gill.

Saavn were always interested in Deep Dolla$ and the interest peaked when they heard the album. After a recent trip to Saavn’s New York office, they had asked if we would be interested in relaunching the album. Deep and us decided it was the right move at the right time for the masses in India, as Desi Hip Hop is on the rise and our mission has always been to bridge the gap between the Desi Scene and the Mainstream industry.

What has the reaction being like to you guys

XD: The reaction as a whole as been overwhelming and humbling. From Bobby Friction calling the album the most cultural innovative album since Panjabi MC’s Legalized to the endless messages of support and praise, we knew we had done something special.

Did you expect this

We never expect anything from any release, hence why we can never be disappointed! This album was a collection of songs we made for us more than anything. The stories on this album are very personal and pure, as we focused on just being ourselves instead of pleasing the current market. A lot of the music being released used the same formula over and over and we wanted to break that trend.

India is the mainstream for Apneh – is that your market?

We always believed our sound fits more in the World Market.We have always pursued to be different, rather than the same and because of that, we have had a lot of resistance from the Punjabi music scene. We work with many English artists too, in Hip Hop, RnB, Electro, Reggae etc,, so you will notice the influences of these genres in all our music. We plan on focusing on the India market for the time being, however we would never limit ourselves to just one country.

And a word for independent artists who are fighting like you guys were

If you truly believe in your calling, never give up. The world and industry will put many challenges in your way, but these is all part of the process. As cliche as this may sound, it’s the one constant in all years of struggle. Surround yourself with positivity and don’t do it for anyone else but yourself!

From us here at Daily Ent. Xpress, it is a massive well done to you guys, and keep that flag flying! YOU GOT THIS!!


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