XD Pro Music Team Up With Deep Dollas & Give You – Sach Das Minu


2018 has had so many releases that just sound the same, the loop, the content and the delivery all very similar to each other. One released that bucked that trend was Deep Dollas & XD Pro Music’s Indian $tyle.

Not only did it not sound like anything else, it started a whole trend others trying to mirror what they had done. Leading streaming company Saavn picked up the album and distributed it throughout India with a certain degree of success.

Well now, XD Pro Music have teamed back up with Deep Dollas for ‘Sach Das Minu’ we caught up with XD and and asked how this track came about and what is next:

We took a trip to LA recently and met up with Deep Dollas. He was wrapping up some projects with Sevaqk who had come down from London, UK. We had nothing planned and decided to experiment on some ideas. 24 hours later we had made this track and were shooting the video. Shoutouts to Kevin Hudson for whipping up the video real quick!

And what next for you guys and Deep Dollas?

After Indian $tyle, we have been working on various projects with Deep, including America $tyle which will be in all English and a follow up to Indian $tyle, along with Tej Gill’s album, Simar’s album & various releases with Saavn. Rather then pressure we feel a real sense of excitement! We were blessed to get the reaction we did with our first release and are excited to release the projects very soon. Thanks to everyone at DEX for the continued support!


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