Yaadan Pind Dian Kamal Heer – New Punjabi Song 2019


Yaadan Pind Dian Kamal Heer: It was August 1st 2019 when Mr Heer released his last song ‘Ki Lena.’ Just over 4 weeks later we have his new release Yaadan Pind Dian via Plasma Records. The music for the new Punjabi song is by Sangtar. The song is penned by Davinder Khannevala. Review by DEX (Daily Entertainment Xpress). 

After a tough first half of the year release wise, Kamal Heer bounced back in August with his song ‘Ki Lena’ is ‘Yaadan Pind Dian’ as good? For those who like songs with meaning and musical depth then this is for you. The song has musical layers, a great bottom end, some impressive music pieces. Marry all that with some depth lyrically and Kamal Heer singing then this is one for the playlist for sure. Two impressive back to back releases from Kamal Heer and the plasma camp.

Ki Lena from Kamal Heer highlighted how good vocally he still is. Prior to this release, he had attempted to go all gangster with the song ‘Yaar Kahda’. Thankfully that experiment did not last long and Kamal Heer wooed his fans with a swift return to type. If you missed Ki Lena, then why not check it out here:

Yaadan Pind Dian Kamal Heer Song Credits: Music: Sangtar Lyrics: Davinder Khannevala Video: Sandeep Sharma & Navraj Raja


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