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Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree season 2 is here and in full swing. It was December 2018 when the finale to season one aired. Fans of the show have waited for almost 18 months for the new season to drop. The wait may have been long but Director Rabby Tiwana has certainly delivered.

We here at DEX finally managed to catch up with Rabby Tiwana to see what has been going on and where Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree season 2 will take us. Season one was launched with the title track sung by Sharry Maan and it was a huge hit! Season two was launched with a song called Mere Yaar by  N-Gritz Feat. Sarang Sikander. The difference in songs is huge and reflects the audience that is watching YJKD.

The web series Yaar Jigre Kassoti Degree is based on the life of college students. The series stars Pukhraj Bhalla, Karan Sandhawalia, Sukhdeep Sapra, Amrit Amby, Jasmin Bajwa, Pawan Johal, Prateek Singh Raji and Karanvir Deol.

A Collective Effort

Rabby Tiwana: “I had this idea since my college days. I developed it while pursuing a filmmaking course at Punjabi University. I would often discuss it with my friends and we were sure of filming it someday. All of us made the pilot episode as a dummy project, which had to be submitted in the final year. We are still learning and not focusing on money. Whatever we get from YouTube, we invest some of it on the show and the rest we divide among ourselves. Money is not the focus right now. The idea is to deliver a top-class show that people will remember.”

“Two years back, we were all fresh out of college and still learning the trade. Now, we have some experience in the field and that will be visible in the second season. The equipment has been upgraded. Back then we shot on a basic camera, now there is a professional one; lighting is stronger too. Content, however, is the same. We are carrying forward the same story.”

Season 2

Rabby Tiwana: “We continuously got requests for the second season and that motivated us. In this season, you will see college politics and some new characters. The last episode of the previous season was a cliffhanger. It ended on a chaotic note when all the friends drifted apart. Whether they will come together in this one, you have to watch it for that.”

Netflix? Amazon Prime? 

It was rumoured among many that Netflix and Amazon had both approached Rabby about Season 1 and season 2, is this true?

“There is some truth in those rumours. The issue is for Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, we would have had to create the show all over again because they have set rules for the technology being used. Other offers we got from Indian OTT platforms, but to accept them we would have had to delete the show from YouTube.” Rabby Tiwana

Innovation like this from Rabby Tiwana is what the scene needs. Many web series have been launched after the success of Yaar JIgre Kasooti Degree but without the same success. One of the main reasons for this being – A lack of realism.

Many shows have gone for big names and gangster story plots. People want shows they can relate too, not fantasy. The Punjabi film scene is there for people who wish to indulge in gangster plotlines with comedy. A web series needs the public to buy-in. Yaar Jigree got every student in Punjab and overseas to buy-in! Others please take note.

Season two is now in full swing and below are the latest episodes: (Season 1 is available here in full)

Episode 1 Season 2 Yaar Jigre Kasooti Degree

Episode 2 Season 2 Yaar Jigre Kasooti Degree

Check out Season 1 here in Full:

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