Yaar Kahda Kamal Heer, New From Plasma Records


Yaar Kahda Kamal Heer:  Plasma Records presents its latest release ‘Yaar Kahda’. The song is sung by Kamal Heer. The music is by Sangtar. Lyrics have been penned by Gill Raunta.

Firstly, whoever mastered this needs to be sacked. The vocals are too loud and feel as if they were recorded in a chamber. They do the song no justice at all. If you get passed that the song is all about the lyrical content. The lyrics and production are the standout features for us. Sangtar musically delivers. Gill Raunta has meaning in his lyrics. Vocally the levels have put us off and make this awkward listening.

Yaar Kahda – New Song
Artist: Kamal Heer
Music: Sangtar
Lyrics: Gill Raunta
Video: Sandeep Sharma

The last Plasma records release was from Manmohan Waris two weeks ago. The song received very little public attention and may have actually missed many fans of his. So if you missed the last Plasma records release from Manmohan Waris check out ‘Rabb Varga Yaar’ here:


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