Yaara Tu EZU The PropheC- Latest Punjabi Song 2019


The UK has certainly had a good week, Gurj Sidhu, Manni Sandhu and now EZU. All very different and all very global. Yaara Tu is the new single from Ezu alongside one of 2019’s best artists The PropheC. Yaara Tu has been released via VIP Records.

Ezu certainly has benefitted from his friendship/association with PropheC over the last few years. This, in turn, has seen Ezu grow as an artist. He is now more polished than ever and has grown as an artist. Hard to do when everyone’s eyes are you. Yaara Tu is everything that is good about the Ezu and PropheC association. Lyrically the song is as modern desi as you can get, the music is well delivered and this just works. Lyrically this could have so easily gone the route of so many other songs about at the moment and become full of cliches. But, for those artists who are pumping songs full of brands and trends – This is how you do it right! Modern, desi with credibility!

Check out Yaara Tu here by Ezu and The PropheC via VIP Records

Ezu’s last release on VIP Records was the popular ‘The Baddest’ which featured Amar Sandhu. The Baddest has made its way onto over 50 playlists on Spotify from the UK alone and has been extremely popular among younger Punjabi music fans. If you missed out on the last single by Ezu and Amar Sandhu check it out here. Once again via VIP Records.


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