Yaari – Tindy & Rixx FT Daljit Mattu – Memories Of Our Boy DJ Gurps


Yaari by  Tindy & Rixx FT Daljit Mattu is a tune that many people can relate to, why? Simple, it is exactly what it sets out to be, a Bhangra track about Yaari!

The vocals of Diljit Mattu, unlike his smile, have never really wavered since his “Captain bhangra da” days, and he remains as tight vocally now, as he did back then. But, let’s leave our ramblings on for another day, lets Tindy and Rixx tell us why they did this track.

Tindy & Rixx – The concept is really about ‘lads’ getting together again after a very long time and reminiscing about the good times they shared growing up. Remembering the crazy antics they used to get up to. I think we can all relate to that, we all grow up and have responsibilities but sometimes you stop and think back and it brings a smile to your face!

We incorporated a hip-hop vibe to the track which reflects the history and the culture we personally grew up around during our youth. We really wanted the track to have a UK Urban sound.

We have dedicated the release to DJ Gurps who tragically passed away recently: “Gurps was a guy you could always rely on and was always there for help and advice whenever we needed it. The lyrics and concept for this track is a fitting tribute to the memories we shared with our brother.”

Anyone who was as lucky enough to have met and known DJ Gurps knows that this tune is all him, the jokes the banter, everything, RIP Brother your crew still has your back!


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