Yamla Pagla -Tuesday Morning Tune By Sandeep Somal


Tuesday’s, not the best day of the week, a day full of potential, but does it always lead to a productive day? Very much like this new song by Sandeep Somal, lot’s going for it, but just failed to ignite.

Vocally, Sandeep Somal is unique, she has her own style and a very distinctive voice, and we here at Daily Ent Xpress have been looking forward to this release via Jass Records for some time. Alas we have been left slightly dejected by what has been offered, it ticks a lot of boxes but just lacks that special something, the elements are all present, but for one reason or another, we are once again left waiting for Sandeep’s next release.

Check out Yamla Pagla by Sandeep Somal via Jass Records here, what do you think?


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