You Are An NRI in India & Racial Abuse Is On The Rise In The UK – What Are You & Where Do You Belong?


What do you consider yourself? Do you see yourself as British? And if so, how British are you to those around you? You go to India and are called valeti, and here, are you really accepted as British?

As India celebrates independence day, a lot of Sikh people outside of India do not associate themselves with India at all, and seem to have very little to celebrate when it comes to August 15th.

So what are you?

When you go back “home” you are not classed as Indian, you are seen very much as a visitor and British, and here in the UK racial abuse against Asians seems to be on the rise. A ComRes survey for the Asian Network suggests that almost a third of British Asians have been been treated worse after a terrorist attack.

Muslims (40%) were most likely to have experienced a rise in negative treatment, followed by Sikhs (26%).More than 2,000 British Asians responded to the poll as part of the BBC’s Big British Asian Summer.

(We can not say the same for Non Resident Pakistani’s as non wanted to comment on the post, so we have to look at Punjabi’s for this post)

Among those who said they had been treated worse, the most common observation was that they had been treated with more awkwardness (59%) and more suspicion (53%). Just under a third said other people had been abusive, while 11% said they had been excluded from events.

The survey also looked into sporting allegiances among British Asians. With regards to international football, British Asians overwhelmingly support one of the UK nations.

More than three quarters of respondents said they supported one of England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, with only 6% supporting other countries.

However, when asked about allegiances in cricket, 19% support a UK team while 54% support an Asian team.

The survey will be discussed on a special live debate show on the Asian Network, on Tuesday from 22:00 BST until midnight.


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