Young Tabla Boy & His Skills Go Viral – Rightly So!


A young boy’s tabla skills have gone viral on social media after a recent video was uploaded to twitter. The video showcased the young boy’s tabla skills and talent. The boy was wearing a school uniform, holding his tabla and playing the beats of the four provinces of Pakistan.

The child protege starts off with playing a Sindhi folk tune, although there is no singular beat to depict the overall culture of Sindh or any province for that matter. However, the boy has either picked up on or been educated about the recurrent beats in most Sindhi songs.

He is then asked to progress to a more versatile, Pashtun folk tune, which he does so effortlessly. The beat retains its 4×4 time count and appears to be metronomically precise but continues to provide a systematic groove.

The boy similarly moves towards a more upbeat Balochi batter with his tiny hands that manage to generate a traditional sound. He strikes and glows, making sure he keeps his timing intact along with providing the listener with a feel of Baloch tribes and warm deserts.

Last but not the least, he concludes with a Punjabi folk rendition of percussion sounds mostly inculcated into popular Punjabi songs and leaves social media wanting for more.


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