YouTube Refutes Views Claim By Another Punjabi Artist


YouTube seems to be getting its house in order! Last week it was ‘Pagal’ by Badshah that fell victim to its new regimented way of counting views and now, another Punjabi song has fallen foul of the system.

Saga Hits last week released the following information:  “The biggest collaboration of the year! Mankirt Aulakh with Manj Musik and DirectorGifty, presenting the dance song Baby Baby.” The song was released on July 19th.

Manj Musik took to social media to thank fans for watching the video as you can see from the Instagram post below it suggested the song had amassed 20 million views in a week. Today August 1st the view count on the video is 20,821,472.


Manj Muzik Baby Baby

Now, as we mentioned last week, YouTube each week produce their official video chart, this week’s chart can be viewed in full here. Once again it seems YouTubes official chart does not agree with those figures displayed on the Saga Hits page. The songs in and around the 15m – 20m mark do not agree with Saga Hits claim of how many views they have had. The song Baby Baby by Mankirt Aulakh and Manj Musik failed to hit the top 100. The song at number 100 had 5.3 million views.

The chart for last week features three Punjabi songs, R Nait (Struggler) is the highest placed, Honey Singh (Gur Nalo Ishy Mitha) after only 2 days of the chart is in at 27 and Jass Manak makes the chart at number 73.

The YouTube chart also highlights an insight into how an individual artist is performing, the Manj Musik chart has no major spikes at the time of this release, which offer a better picture of how popular the song is on YouTube, also an insight to how the song is actually performing. You can view Manj Musiks insights here.

DEX Comment: The unfortunate thing for Manj Musik and Mankirt Aulakh is that they are totally at the hands of the record label, and if they are showing 20 million views then they have to deem that as the accurate figure. YouTube seems to be clamping down on various tactics used by media houses to generate views and it seems as if the Punjabi Industry are the first ones to fall foul of the new monitoring systems. 

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