YouTube’s Love Affair With India Continues (Stats & More)


Despite a surge in new Video based platforms, YouTube still rules the roost in India, more users, more content and the massively diverse platform seems to have India catered for on all aspects. Recently Satya Raghavan (Entertainment head YouTube India) spoke with India’s Financial Express and released the following information and stats during the interview.

Till December 2017, monthly user base stood at 225 million.
Over 80% of the content is consumed through mobile devices.
The number of Internet users currently is over 400 million.
All reports suggest that by 2020 the total number of Internet users would be over 650 million.
Smartphone’s users at present is over 330 million.
The number of smartphone users is expected to grow exponentially to be a large part of the 650 million users, thereby increasing the consumption of content.

Regional Content:
Hindi and English rule the roost
10 other Regional languages are also catered for.

For example, in regional music Punjabi is consumed more. Short films in Telugu are watched more than in any other language.

400 hours of content uploaded every minute
Technology makers upload approx 2 videos a day.
Beauty Bloggers 3/4 videos each per week
Music related videos are the number one content providers

How do creators benefit?

We have a revenue share deal with content creators who create original content and run their own channels. Every time an ad runs on his/her video, most of the ad revenue goes to her account. Also, a lot of advertisers now work directly with content makers. Under such an arrangement, creators work directly with brands to create a branded content. However, the platform does not generate any revenue in such arrangement. For us it is about growing three parts of our eco-system — advertisers, consumers and creators.

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