Zee Music Company Remove Artists Song Due To Public Pressure


Zee Music has removed a music video from its platforms after the artists who made that video was found propagating revenge over the death of a Muslim man in police custody in Jharkhand. Recently, a popular TikTok ‘influencer’, Hasnain Khan, had shared a video on TikTok. In that video, Khan along with four other ‘influencer’ friends of his were saying, “you may have killed that innocent Tabrez Ansari, but tomorrow if his son takes revenge, do not say that all Muslims are terrorists.”

22-year-old Tabrez Ansari was beaten up by a mob in Jharkhand on 18th June on accusations of theft. Four days later, he died in police custody. The video posted by Khan was widely criticised on social media platforms, as it was seen as an open endorsement of violence. Although Tabrez had died in police custody after he was beaten by the public for stealing a bike, the media has created a narrative that he was killed by Hindus for being a Muslim. Several incidents of violence have already taken place in the country in the name of protesting Tabrez’s death. Such a protest by Muslims in Surat had gone violent on 5th July, where the mob had attacked police and damaged several vehicles.


In such a scenario, an alert user on Twitter brought to Zee Music’s notice that people who work in albums produced by the company are spreading hate (in his eyes). Replying to that tweet, the official Twitter handle of Zee News replied that they have removed the music video “tere bin kive” from all the platforms of the music company. The company also noted that the persons are not Zee Music co-artists.

“Tere bin kive” is a Punjabi song sung by Ramji Gulati and written by Moody and Akkhtar. It was published in June this year.


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