Zeus “Songs that provoke violence must be banned”


Dr Zeus is doing it big, and getting better and better each time. The much sought after producer is grafting non stop to keep his fans happy, and to satisfy his musical urges. Zeus took time out of his schedule recently to talk to TOI for an exclusive interview, which highlighted a couple of thing’s we found interesting.

Very rarely do we hear or see Zeus talk about the culture of Punjabi music, yet in the interview he made it quite clear how he thinks the gangster culture around Punjabi music is not something that interests him at all.

“Songs that provoke violence must be banned. Artists in Punjab think that they can make a gun-related or violence related songs and it will be a hit. Our Punjabi culture is all about fun, I don’t know why they want to make it sound like we are gangsters. Yes, Punjabi Sikhs were warriors, they took up weapons to fight people who were against humanity and not the other way around.”

“Songs like these are ruining the market. They simply fuel the fire of enmity. On top of it, is it worth the price you are paying to be famous? Is the fame worth ruining the image of Punjab, which is a fun loving state? I might have done some gun-related songs in the past, but I have put my foot down realizing what it was doing.”

Is the Dr right? Do gun related songs need to be banned? Would Tha Tha Tha have been banned? It does reference Dunali and Gun and Bantook, even if they are referenced in different ways the gun shots certainly do not help?



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