Zoheb Khan Uses Simplest Of Techniques To Make Off With Diamonds From Slough Dealer


To pull off a con, confidence is a must and Zoheb Khan showed plenty of that as his simple plan to steal diamonds from Slough diamond dealer worked wonders, but was easily unpicked by Southall police.

Zoheb Khan the brazen thief who managed to walk away from a dealer with two rare yellow diamonds has now been convicted. Police in Ealing investigated the case after an online diamond seller from the area was contacted on social media by a man claiming to be interested in the rare natural gemstones.

The buyer, 29-year-old thief Zoheb Khan asked the dealer to meet him in Slough and even sent a taxi to pick him up. Once in Slough, the taxi picked up Khan as well and headed to Slough High Street.

There, in the back of the taxi, a deal was done for Khan, of Aylesbury Crescent in Slough, to buy both yellow diamonds for £5,000. Khan said he had to go to an ATM so he could take out money for the sale, but he walked out of the car with both diamonds and down the street, out of sight.

The dealer sat nervously for 40 minutes in the taxi but when he went to check on Khan, there was no sign of him.

He called Khan and demanded to know what was happening, but Khan said he was sending him £1,000 and sent a screenshot of the transfer. The money never materialised. Khan went on to make several false promises as the dealer frantically tried to contact him, but eventually the theft was reported to police.

Khan was arrested and hauled into Southall police station, where he admitted that he left the victim in the taxi and walked off without paying, agreeing that he had the diamonds and that leaving the victim in the taxi was dishonest.

He even added that he had sold the diamonds on for a meagre £800, less than a fifth of what he had offered to pay for them.


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